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Chest flutters and everywhere else too


So I have anxiety I guess? And stress? Doctors can’t find what’s wrong with me I had heart palpating I cut off everything now I feel my lower left stomach poking me

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I can share my experience with a irregular heart rate but it sounds different from yours. I was on low dose amitriptyline for lower back pain at the time when it occurred. I also had a stressful job. I could feel my radial pulse had become irregular.

I made a appointment to see my father’s cardiologist. I stopped the amitriptyline after talking to the prescribing doctor. It did not need tapering because it was such a low dose. A month later I saw the cardiologist. He did what is called a “tracing” or longer reading of the electrical activity of my heart. It showed I had premature ventricular contractions. They subsided off of amitriptyline & all caffeine products.

The cardiologist believed the irregularity was solely due to stress however. I have later felt flutter sensations for years. The cardiologist had told me (based on my office visit) not to worry if my irregular events lasted under a minute. So far they have.

I asked my parents & they both said they had irregular heart rates. I think my father’s was due to drinking. As he was found to have a low magnesium level & when that was replaced it corrected his heart rhythm.

My heart still feels like it flutters at times but for less than a minute. This has gone on now for years so I have long since stopped worrying about it. Anxiety can increase stress. Stress can cause irregularity in some people’s hearts. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

I have not had my lower left stomach poking me. My inclination is to give credence to your gut feelings about about matters pertaining to your health. If you keep a record of when they occur that will help your doctor: do they occur in relation to food, before or after meals, are you doing activity, how long do pokes last etc. If you find a pattern it becomes harder to chalk it up to anxiety, & it won’t be necessary to guess. If you take a good inventory of your situation & come up empty perhaps that points towards anxiety.

Clubbing23 in reply to Clarrisa

Okay thank you so much I have been to the drs three times and they said everything seems normal

Clubbing23 in reply to Clarrisa

I also think it might be cuz of the alcohol idk.

Clarrisa in reply to Clubbing23

Drinking to remind you fills you up with empty calories. Your poking stomach is probably trying to signal you (S.O.S.) that it needs real calories.

When I was in my early 20s I started drinking beer. I also started seeing a counselor to talk about my problems. During this time I started drinking apple juice instead & realized I was just thirsty & the apple juice suited my thirst just as well. I haven’t felt the need to drink alcohol since.

Clubbing23 in reply to Clarrisa

Nah but that happened when I wasn’t drinking I drink a lot of water and it happen after I was eating

Clarrisa in reply to Clubbing23

According to a book I have on trying to sort these things out “More diagnoses will be made by this means (A meticulously recorded chronology from onset of symptoms) than by the CT scan.” It goes on to say doctors are interested in;

Exact time & mode of onset

Pain: onset, distribution, & character

The shifting or localization of the pain

The character of the pain

Radiation of the pain

Special varieties of pain (like pain during the act of micturition). Maybe that is doctor talk for urination!

Vomiting, relationship of pain to vomiting, frequency of vomiting, the character of the vomit, Nausea & loss of appetite



In my opinion if you want to clench a accurate diagnosis document your symptoms carefully for your doctor. Pain that occurs after eating is very significant information for the doctor. The more facts you can provide them about it the easier it will be for them to figure out what is bothering you.

Doctors say patients drink twice as much as they tell them they do!

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