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Flutter in Chest and Palpations in throat! Help!


Hey guys.

Late last night I suddenly felt my chest flutter and palpitations in my throat, it almost felt like air rising through my throat too.

Since then I'm sill feeling the same, my chest fluttering on and off, I feel really fatigued and my eyes are burning, I must add I didn't sleep well last night so maybe that's the problem! Im feeling anxious about this I hate having these heart related issues.

I wasn't feeling anxious yesterday. I looked on line that acid reflux could be the issue after eating acidic foods, I had just ate an apple then I started feeling this way!

Has anyone felt this flutter in the chest before? Has anyone felt the palpitations in the throat? Anyone feel fatigued with anxiety ?

Please give me some insight

Thanks in advance.

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Yes acid reflux gives me that feeling too! If it continues try taking an over the counter med like Prilosec or even pepto sometimes helps and works faster. If it doesn't go away it's probably just that crappy anxiety.. ugh

Also yes you can definitely feel fatigue with anxiety as your body is using a lot of adrenaline.

Introspective anxiety is usually at the bottom of this type of story

Sounds like a nasty panic attack. The adrenaline pumping through your system will cause you to feel fatigued. Try some over the counter meds for the acid reflux,and if you're in any doubt visit your local GP. Hope you feel better soon buddy.

I get it loads, its vile and scary but highly unlikely to harm you as its a panick attack symptom in your case from the sounds of it. Id say go to the doctor; discuss how you have been feeling re this anxiety. Yes, makes you tired; try to rest; dont worry; just talk about your feelings to the doctor; try relaxation techniques; there is a breathing technique where you breath in, but push your tummy out at the same time, helps a bit. xx

Yes iam going thru this right now wit a few other issues the acid reflux can make your chest hurt u have to watch wat u eat and dont lie down for three hours after

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