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Started hyperventilating out of nowhere ?

Still anxious about this

(pls read previous posts)

I was in the car mom was driving us home

I’m calmly scrolling through my phone

When I get this dull pain In my chest for about 30sec started on the left moved to the right then it just settled on both hurting. For 10sec

After that I think I was hyperventilating

Because I could breathe but I felt like the air wasn’t coming in properly like I was out of air and trying to suck a straw

We got home

Went to get a snack

While walking I suddenly felt lightheaded

Like I couldn’t trust my feet

In my mind I could picture myself

Fainting and or passing out

Which made me go into “high alert”

A short while after I went upstairs laid down and that’s when the jelly legs feeling came..

I’m paranoid and worried about the flu

Throats been sore for 6 days on and off

I also had back pain which started today

Apparently people with CP and or epilepsy need their vaccines idk if I’m right? Im diagnosed with both.

But I haven’t had a seizure in 14 years! :)

But I still worry

Also my cycle is supposed to start any day now (sorry TMI)

So maybe that too?

I haven’t gotten the flu shot yet

I was sick in almost the end of Dec until New Years on Jan 1st

Could I have built up immunity somehow?

I feel exactly like how i felt that time expect the tiredness throat and body pains and losing my voice

What can I do ?

What are your thoughts ?

Sorry if I rambled everywhere

Hope everyone’s okay

Have a good night/day

Wherever you may be

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Thanks ! And no not yet

I’ve been like this since Friday

My mom won’t take me seriously because I tend to get overly anxious about my health

I was sick in Dec and in jan


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