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Hi everyone,I was diagnosed with GERD as some of you know but, due to some in-laws telling me that if you have acid come up to much that I would have to have esophageal dilation,I'm terrified.... Can anyone please give some reassurance that you have possibly had GERD longer than 4 months and you possibly have no issues? At the beginning I would spit up acid a lot but I changed my eating habit tremendously when I can eat ,now I still spit up every so often due to the fact that I'm still trying to find all my triggers but,when I do spit up its just very little but burns like hell. Some times I can spit up just water if I drink it to fast and it has no burning sensation at all. I know some of you are probably thinking "there are multiple people who have a endoscope done and esophageal dilation everyday,no need to be afraid". I understand your point but my whole childhood I was brought up to fear everything even if the sky wasn't blue I was taught to fear the possiblies of why. Thank god I don't do that to my kids cause it ruins a person. I'm sorry I got off topic but I was just explaining the reason for the worry. I don't think I've had any problems with my throat except, I feel like part of my throat is not working at times,or like I don't feel like I'm swallowing but, I also have generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks,plus a lot of people have told me that that can cause those sensations so I don't know. I should add that I have a choking phobia when I eat also, so I worry about my throat anyway but, I must say the phobia is getting better slowly but its still better than it was.I do know that when I calm my nerves and not get worked up I don't really notice any problems with my throat at all,like at this moment it feels fine. I'm not sure if it can cause any of those sensations also but, I do think I have tonsillitis because I have white pus pockets on my tonsils. Please tell me I will be fine without needing any of that stuff....

Thank you,

Worry wart

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sorry your going through so many worrys...


Thank you,I hate worrying and I'm trying not to but its like trying to teach a person to not walk when they was taught to do it and have done it all their life but im not going to stop trying


I had similar. I used to wake up choking. What helped me at night was putting a couple of pillows under the mattress. Also try to sleep on your left side.

The fact that your symptoms are not constant should give you less cause for worry, although when they are happening it is scary which just fuels the anxiety.

I just wish sometimes I could follow my own advice!


I wish I could follow my Advice too


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