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Too much input

I read your posts about being overwhelmed by lights and colors.

I too have experienced similar issues. There are stores I refuse to go in because the lights cause me so much discomfort. I start sweating profusely, I get anxious, sometimes I feel myself getting angry. I have left shopping carts with items in them and walked out.

Recently I had cataract surgery, and now I find that certain colorful displays are almost painful to look at. My eyes can’t focus. They jump around and it almost makes me sick. The first time it happened was while I was looking for hair accessories. There was a raimbow disply of ties and ribbons. The effect was too much to taked in. It was startling. Then yesterday at the grocery store it was jboxes of jello, of all things.

Weird thing is, fruits nd veggies, no matter how bright, don’t bother me at all.

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Sorry for all spelling errors. Seeing double. Had to take my glasses off lol.


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