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Dont know what to do

I have fell behind in my uni studies im about a month behind as my anxiety has been through the roof the last thing I did in uni was hand my assignment in back in December I just cant be bothered anymore my driving force has gone I dont even get out of bed some days im ignoring my tutors calls and emails I just feel whats the point im so far behind now im never going to catch up im waiting on new medication I was on 200mgs of sertreline which was changed y o aripiprazole I had to stop taking that as I was having severe headaches so now im not on any meds apart from my 10mg of diazepam I have to wait 12weeks before i can see mental health again I have lost interest in life I have even left my house with intentions of killing myself and I have thought about cutting myself just so I can feel something anything I dont leave my house unless forced to do so I just want t o be me again I dont visit my children and grandchildren anymore or my mum n dad Its like ive lost who I used to be

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Perhaps you can arrange to take the remainder of the semester off and begin again when your anxiety has improved. Can you talk to the Dean and arrange this. I think they would understand. Also, is it not possible to get mental health treatment sooner as your situation is very painful. Does your university have any counseling or medical resources to help you. Did anything particular occur to bring on your depression? xx


I agree with b1b1b1. Reach out to someone at the university. I found my professors were very accommodating when I had problems. You would be surprised how many people have been through what you are going through or know someone who has. Try to find medical help they the University. Call a hotline. Don’t harm yourself ... you are a capable and good person. You reached out here so please try to reach out to someone in your university or area to get some help. Keep posting and let us know how things are going.

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Please do not go deeper into your despair, do not loose faith, all is temporary, think that way, please!

Force yourself of going out, ask for help openly, be loud, sing, dance when alone, be outside in nature a lot!

Do things even when you do not want to do, see your closest, it will become easier later, it takes a long time to feel a little different and these small steps are very important.

You are the important person and loved, stay strong and keep going! Xxx

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Fudgey,I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling like this.Contact Student Services and tell them exactly what’s happened and how you’re feeling.Dont be embarrassed or ashamed to tell them-that’s their job.My daughter got herself in the same situation and felt the same,they delay it all to take the pressure off.

I really admire you for going to uni after having children so be proud of yourself for what you’ve done so far.

I always imagine depression and suicidal thoughts are like a gremlin on your shoulder-Hes trying to take advantage because your medication isn’t right.Please stay strong,these feelings will pass eventually.Can you ring mental health and get in sooner?

Sorry for the long reply but you’re not alone x


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