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Felt like I was getting worse

Felt like I was getting worse

So I felt like my breathing was getting worse and had it in my head my oxygen levels were low,wasn't long ago since my friend got rushed to hospital because of his breathing and it turned out to be a clot on his lung,so I've been paranoid the same would happen to me,bought one of these and it's normal! The relief is indescribable xx

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Well congratulations on your decision on how you were going to stop the anxiety. Unfortunately, I am reaching age where it seems like everyone has something and I hope I don't just camp out in the doctor's office to be checked for all those "somethings". lol

Seriously, you thought it over thoroughly and were proactive instead of just letting your anxiety win. You know what anxiety can do and you squashed it big time. :)


Hi 98% is excellent I worked at hospital for 7 years as health care assistant and used the above oximeter.I'm so pleased it has put your mind at rest.and the breathing problems is anxiety.I have slight asthma and I blow into my peak flow to see if my reading has gone down.if not I know its just anxiety and not my asthma.

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