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Tips and tricks for coping with anxiety

While suffering from anxiety for years, I have come up with some tactics that I personally use to help me get through each day as minimally anxious as possible. I hope you find them useful or somewhat helpful!

1. When waking up the first thing I do is sit quietly for a few minutes and pray. You can pray, think positively, meditate, whatever guides you spiritually. It just sets your day off on a positive mental note.

2. Eat a breakfast with at least 15g of protein. I normally eat a yoghurt, cliff bar, and a fruit along with a green or black tea for an energy boost.

3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and herbal/green teas throughout the day.

4. I find that eating consistently small things throughout the day curbs my appetite better than eating 3 bigger meals a day. It keeps your energy levels consistent.

5. Find something, anything, that keeps you distracted. Do something each day and make it a part of your routine where you focus on you. I enjoy journaling. Anything self-reflective is really helpful and you can track your progress over time.

6. Learn to love the silence. Really just melt into your symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and accept them. Learn to be okay with the silence and being present in the moment. Desensitize your symptoms by accepting them and working hard to think of nothing at all.

7. Whenever my symptoms are flaring up I talk aloud to myself. I repeat positive things like, "You've been through this before. Did anything bad happen? No. Did you fall down? No. Are you still here? Yes. Have you felt worse than this before? Yes." You can really talk yourself out of anything if you try hard enough!

8. Essential oils have helped me so much. Peppermint is great for supplying blood flow to the head and gets rid of lightheadedness. I also love lavender due to its calming properties. I use oil diffusers in my room and use different blends for energy, anxiety, depression, or sleep. I also use oil diffusing necklaces to wear throughout the day as well as making my own roller balls to absorb the oils directly into my blood stream and notice the effects immediately.

9. Stretching and any form of light exercise really gets you thinking positively and gets you distracted right away. I always love going outside any chance I get. I immediately feel a sense of peace.

These are just a few things that have helped me over the years, I hope you can find them useful for yourself!

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Great advice Rach. Thanks, we can all use some or all of them. I have found essential oils to be especially helpful. I love Lavendar the most. God bless and keep the faith.


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Hi Rachel 913 I talk to myself to if I start getting lots of negative thoughts.I say wow slow down why are you thinking so far ahead ? Live in the moment and I concentrate on what I am doing at that moment.I also say to myself look how far you have come since last year when I had severe anxiety and I survived it I'm still here and I'm getting on with my life.long may you have inner peace Rachel and keep up the good work.well done you.

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Fantastic advice No 7 I repeat over and over and it's so true

Everything you have suggested is brilliant 👏👏

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