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Why is it that I feel as if I’m going to die? Like my heart is going to stop beating and that I’m going to stop breathing. My heart doesn’t race. How can you possibly know that something isn’t actually wrong? Why doesn’t it go away? Why do the physical symptoms have to feel so terrible. I keep getting these sharp pains in the middle of my back next to my spine. I also feel like the room is spinning. Why does anxiety cause such physical symptoms. I try to explain how I feel and my boyfriend goes “you’re not going to die.” So obviously that doesn’t help because I feel like I am! I don’t want to go to sleep because I don’t want to not wake up again. I get this sensation where it’s hard to swallow. I have to really focus on swallowing to be able to do it. Why do my toes turn purple and go numb? Why does my chest hurt ? Why do I have anxiety if I never actually feel anxious? How do you cope with feeling like you’re going to die or any of the symptoms you get?

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May be a good idea to have a thorough medical check up if you have not already done so. xx

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Erin, the answer to your question is that all those symptoms are the result of anxiety disorder and one of the things about anxiety is that it multiplies ten fold all our little fears and worries. So the natural slight concern not to die before our time gets magnified in your case into a feeling of impending doom and death. So it's quite normal in the circumstances.

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