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I haven’t wrote on here in a while as I’ve been feeling fine anxiety wise until I’ve started to get regular headaches again which are now making me believe there’s something serious wrong. I used to suffer from migraines which i hadn’t had a ‘proper one’ for two years until last week - I experience migraines with aura when I do, where I experience vision change and numbness in one side of my upper body (scary) along with a piercing headache but I am now worried this is something more serious as I woke up During the night randomly with a slight headache but with numbness in my face and vision problems in one eye which has really scared me...after googling this it’s obviously made me think the worse and made me think I have a brain tumour 😪 has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks x

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I️ deal with the same thing from time to time. It really is scary, but I️ would just make sure you talk to your doc and let them know. But, even with that sometimes I️ just end up having to deal with it and take pain relievers and either lay down in a quiet area if I️ can or just keep going. Best of luck

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