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Even tho I have my partner and children . I am lonely. I feel I really found out who my friends were when I had kids . No one to talk to adds more anxiety and depression .I feel I'm too young to have no friends . I'm 26 . We're did I go wrong ... I went to school ... college .... socialised And now I have a job and still no best friend. My close friend all emigrated . Looking at my phone tonight realising not one person contacted me today . I'm I being ungrateful for what I do have ???

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I dont know u but u can always talk to me! 😊....

I know exactly how u feel hunny i really do.. i too have a partner and 2 boys.. i have been where u are and its hard.. but what i realised is people change life changes and we also change how we think.. iv had friends come and go throughout life as iv moved several times! But never a close friend who i can be myself with.... the only friend i have managed to stay in contact with throughout life (im 33) is someone from school, iv known her 20 years we are very close and we need eachother and love eachother very much and thats why we stayed friends....

But other than her i find it hard to make friends.. i always think its because im a northerner very open and honest and outspoken sometimes and plus i keep moving to posh places where they all have lots of money and i dont fit in lol...

But i realised over the past year i was very wrong!.. i have lived in my new house for 5 years now and hadnt made a friend to my name in all them 5 years even at the school drop off only hello and bye!!.. but then i realised it was me all along my insecurities and me not even trying to make friends or trying to join in conversations at school or getting involved with things that were happenening amongst the other mums...

Then it all changed i started chatting with a mum who i never spoke to before at my sons friends birthday party and i all of a sudden became very close to her and she too suffers with anxiety so we have a lot in common and she lived across the road from me all along!!. Since i got to know her it has got me involved with other mums that she knows and now i get invited to things all the time!..

So the moral of my story is u never know whats around the corner i was in your boat only this time last year too..

U just never know what next week or the week after or the month after or even the year after is going to bring!..

I never thought i would have another close friend ever.. and i never dreamed she would only live across the road all along...

Please dont worry u never know what is around the corner!! Xxx hugs xxx

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Hi thank you for your reply ....😀it makes me feel a bit better inside ...it's not that I want A lot of friends and madness in my life . I myself too I'm loud and honest and try to be myself with everyone but I'm a young mother compared to the others and there can be a barrier there . I hope to find a mom friend too . I have went to groups but always feel like I have to try hard and I only want to be myself . Xoxo

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When i had my first son i was only 18 so i too was a young mum! And i know how u feel, trying to blend in and join in conversations but all the time wishing u could just chill and be yourself and let then see the real u..

I dont want loads of friends neither it would be too stressful!.. but yeah like u its nice to just have someone text u isnt it...

But never stop trying to make friends and always try to get involved with everything and if u get invited to anything go to it, because u never know who u might meet and who u will become close too.. the very few mums i have become close too i never dreamed i would have anything in common with! Xx

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Yea it's just someone to text or ring or go for a coffee and know that they are there ...would like a mom friend because I lost most of my friends cuz I couldn't be around as often. Xox


I know how you feel. I am never alone though often lonely

I live in a city and have a wonderful husband and dog. I am never alone. But I don't have any one at low moments I can invite for a drink. I work in a job I've been worķing towards for years. My therapist says I need "my person" who I can message when I'm feeling low and say "let's go for lunch" and vent, she says this will make work better for me.

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Next time you feel like this please feel free to pm me. It will be welcome I promise

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Hi! You’re so lucky having a partner, children and a job.

I’m 24 and still mapping out my life. I have a boyfriend but we’re in a long distance relationship. I wanted to go to where he is but I can’t find a job to fit in because I have a scoliosis and I can’t apply to jobs that require much of physical work. But I’m working in our family business wherein my Mother is the owner and isn’t talking to me. We doesn’t have a good relationship.

I wanted to have a baby since I was 23 but I have PCOS and a dermoid cyst. I still have to go to an operation.

I used to have a lot of friends but then, my closest friend decided to back stab me and spill all of our secrets (mostly my secrets). And there, one morning when I woke up no one understood me not even my Parents. It happened 2 years ago.

And here I am, still learning to live and to appreciate what I have.

You can always message me if you needed someone to chat with. :) I hope you well. :)

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