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Me again!

Me again!

Hi lovelies...yes it me again just checking in with you all. I will however be brief this time...i was WAS supposed to be earlier but y'know....it wouldn't be me if I didn't go off on a tangent or moan or waffle on lol. I wanted to remind you all that you are so precious and no, you won't feel like it but you are...delicate and worthy of so much. We do feel broken sometimes and by the way...its fine to feel this. If i don't say much sometimes and I just post the odd cheery pic, it doesn't mean I'm not here quietly batting for you and willing you all to take those steps towards that light at the end of the tunnel. I am...trust me I am but until that happens, I'm here as your cheerleader(don't imagine it, you'll never be the same again). Hugs to you all.

Above is sooo true!!

Janie 💋 xx

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