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Low self esteem

I think a common theme for a lot of us struggling with both anxiety and depression is low self worth. I found a web site dedicated to recovering from anxiety called anxietycentre.com. It gives great tools to heal this horrid disorder. It teaches that at the root of anxiety are often “beliefs” we’ve had since childhood and need (in therapy) to uncover these beliefs and work thru them and form new heslthybeliefs. I’ve realized some beliefs I’ve held and didn’t even know it. My home was abusive with a lot of neglect. I believed and still do a lot that I am unloveable, I will always be alone, I’m worthless, I’ll never measure up or be good enough, people don’t like me because I’m so defective. I am early in my recovery and have a lot of work to do. I need encouragement to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Also any thoughts on this self worth ( or lack of it)?

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Yes I have the same feelings. What are you doing to recover. I am not recovering


Hi Trees, I am in counseling to uncover these beliefs which are FALSE BELIEFS. You are I are worthy of love, goodness, joy, beauty. What we grew up believing about ourselves is directly related to the abuse or neglect or other pain we endured. My father was abusive, I was married to an abusive man for 36 years so that’s s long time to hear over and over that I’m “less than” and worthless. I am as always so afraid of both my father and my husband. What happened to me internally was that I took in all those messages and turned them on myself- so even tho my dad is gone and I left my husband, I still tell myself that I’m stupid and crazy and undeserving of love. Along with CBT ( cognitive behavioral therapy) I am getting spiritual counseling and reading books that have helped me a lot. I am happy to share any books with you. Do you like to read? I know now that these inner longings for love and acceptance can only come from my Heavenly Father-Jesus. He loves me perfectly. If I can learn to live like He does I can start believing “ I am beautiful inside and out, I am not only good but wonderful! I am loved and love able, I am important and valuable. I’m not there yet but I am working on it. This horrible anxiety disorder may just set me free. Finally.


Yes I like to read


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