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Anyone else get dizzy?

For 6 months now I have had debilitating symptoms from anxiety (chest pains, hr goes up to 180 sometimes, dizziness) that have landed me in the ER and then the doctors seeing my hr so high they send me to a cardiologist who found nothing wrong except for my low blood pressure but he thinks that it’s all my anxiety really causing it. I have had anxiety my whole life but for 5 months it has completely took over my life and it controls me 100%. I don’t drive, I won’t go in restaurants or grocery stores, i won’t go see family. I live in constant fear of “when I stand my hr might go too high or my blood pressure might drop too low”. I have severe social anxiety and hypochondria. I wouldn’t wish this horrible disease on my worst enemy. My main symptom that scares me so bad is dizziness and I have such a hard time believing it comes from anxiety. I want my life back, I’m young and I want to travel and do things!!! Anxiety is holding me back! Any tips?

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Hi the only way the dizziness will go away is wen you accept ur illness is anxity! Ive had the same symptions 7months in mine has eased off goodluck


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