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Hey guys! I am driving my fiancé and my kids crazy. I can’t drive alone , I can’t be in the house alone , I wake up in the middle of the night in panic. Everyone in my household lives are starting to revolve around me. I’m sinking into a bigger depression because I have become so dependent of them. I feel like I’m ruining everyone else! I have tried everything to cope with my panic attacks nothing works! I’m so scared of having a stroke or heart attack because I can’t bring my self out of them.. I’m lost right now and I have no where to turn.

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I know how hard it is to feel like you're a burden. I am there quite often. I wonder, is this a recent development or are you like me, a long time anxiety sufferer?

Either way, I wish you the best. You are not a burden, it's just something people can't easily understand if they've never gone through something similar. You are not alone here though. :)


I am a long time sufferer however this separation anxiety just started about 7 months ago. I never had problems being home alone I don’t know what to do


Thanks for responding I really needed a outlet

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