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Odd panic anxiety

So I've been getting an odd feeling of bordering anxiety/panic. I don't know why I've been fine all day and now this evening almost 11:30pm I got a brief second of panic. Writing this has helped me, but what I just felt was my heart racing, I could feel it and hear it and I'm thinking it's this lump I feel in my throat on almost a daily basis.

I know I shouldn't freak but I still do I don't want to go back to that space. I know I know acceptance is key blah blah blah I've heard it all a million times. I don't meant to sound rude at all.

You know it's all easier said than done and in that moment of freaking out and feeling vulnerable you forget it all and it's like the first time all over again. Anyways this turned into a slight rant 😂 but I'm still posting it.

Hope everyone is having a nice morning, afternoon or evening

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