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Mind racing!

Ugh it’s almist 3:30 am and I’m laying here tossing and turning having weird thoughts. Have any of you ever thought about crazy things like “do we really control our emotions or is it all just a chemical thing?” “Do i actually choose anything or does my brain do everything?” Is my entire personality just a result of a chemical balance? Can I control anxiety at all? Do chemicals control our thoughts behaviors and literally everything? Is there even any power of choice or are we at the mercy of the tuning of our brains? Gahhhhh why am I dwelling on this? See. Crazy! Haha

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mmm... i have it, i am also psychic which is fine in the day but can it seems run awol at night, lately i've heard the sound of bison hooves drumming on the american prairies, presumably as i'd given a little book gift of north american tribes ?? got to be a link, my jims ted, who lays in my arms at night started making baby crying sounds, its my jims birthday, he went to God 10 years back and i cannot not grieve for love and the love of life it gave me....hes given , many signs,this was a little distressing....


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