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Help I’m all anxious

I got this sudden aching pain in my upper arm near where or shoulder connects. It started In the car. I haven’t done any exercise whatsoever today. the pain comes and goes. my arm doesn’t look swollen.it looked a bit red I’m not sure I’m scared of a blood clot in my arm

I googled

It’s Christmas Eve..

I’m with family right now

And I’m really anxious

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Blood clots usually make your skin look purplish like a black and blue. Maybe you slept wrong or maybe you lifted something up or reached for something that made that pain come about. Apply some heating pads or a warm wet towel on the area.


The pain your describing sounds very familiar. I've had bicips tendinitis a few times and it came on very suddenly with no strenuous activity to attribute it to. Do you happen to work a job that requires you repeat a movement all day? (Mine became noticeable when I went to shift my car into drive)

The pain I had was right in the joint where my shoulder and arm connect. It sometimes comes on as a dull ache or, if I move my arm a certain direction, a stabbing sensation. I know it's winter but if this is the problem, ice is the solution. It's not fun but it really helps. Heat is TERRRIBLE for tendon issues as it can cause inflammation. Also, gentle stretching helps. Since you're not seeing swelling, it sounds more tendon related to me. Then again, while I've been first aid certified since the age of twelve, I am not doctor I'm just a fortunate lady that has suffered similar pain. :)

I would recommend seeing your doctor either way.

Wishing you the best!


Thanks so much for replying


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