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Only me!!!

Good morning,afternoon, evening lovelies. How are you all today? I was going to tell you all abit about my life....how I ended up with anxiety and depression and then...couldnt. not because I physically can't but....im not actually sure. Probably bcas it's so long...new year would have arrived before you'd reached the end. Unless anything comes up at work I'm going to be here for you all. I'll check in more than I do usually and feel free to holler(ok ok virtual hollering counts lol) and I'll get back to you. Remember you are all amazing. You are all worth something so much more than what you are going thro and finally YOU ARE ALL RELEVANT!!!. Huggles. Janieeeee xx

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Hi Janie❣ How are you doing? Your post brought a smile to my face.... we all need some sunshine here.

hugs, Mel

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I'm thrilled you smiled....result!! Lol. I'm ok thankyou. Busy afternoon...so much for leaving work behind for Christmas...i spoke too soon. I've arrived home from a rather long meeting and I'm ready for slippers and a warm cuppa...instead it's wallpapering and a nostril full of paste...ohhh yes I get it where it's not even possible heheheee. Hope your ok. J x


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