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After neuro appointment

So i have just come back from my appointment with a neurologist. He tested all my reflexes and took medical history. He said my burning skin is a sensory manifestation of stress. He did not even suggest MRI as he thought it was unnecessary. Apparently MRI’s often can show some very minor abnormalities, absolutely irrelevant to health but people with health anxiety like me would worry about them. I was told to up my sertraline and focus on psychotherapy. I am much relieved. Now just need to wait until my anxiety goes away. It wont happen overnight i guess.

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Appears you were wise enough to choose an honest and insightful doctor. But there are many things available for you, other than waiting, is assist you in decreasing your anxiety. Read the posts and ask people better equipt on this venue to help you with health anxiety.

I wish you a better life, you deserve it. And I am very happy for you that nothing physically serious enough for a MRI was required.


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