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Borderline low hemoglobin. Panicking

Hi there

Not sure if this is right place to post but do suffer with anxiety and healthy anxiety and latest news isn't helping.

A few months back I had a full health check as j thought it would helped with my anxiety. It did.

My liver came back abnormal so had to have a retest four months later. That now came back fine but apparently I've got to go back in four weeks due to the fact i have borderline low hemoglobin

But now just worried that I'm dying ? Or could it be cancer of the blood ? Or would I have more severe symptoms ?

I always feel tired. No energy. Kind of think it might be a dificiency of some sort but still really worried.

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It is unfortunate and unkind of doctors to leave patients suffering from anxiety for 4 weeks (or 4 months) due to abnormal test results. Since the doctor, however, doesn't seem too concerned, he may think it is not a serious problem. Can you make an appointment sooner to find out more about what the test means? It would hopefully go some way toward relieving your anxiety.


Yes I am thinking about trying to get one sooner to discuss.

I want to anyways as I am on these tablets for stomach acid and have been for two years nearly but read online it can cause b12 deficiencies and I constsntly feel like I have no energy etc and now these blood tests it all adds up.


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