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Anxious /panicky at night..advice?


I wanted to know , does anyone’s anxiety heighten at night but you’re fine during the day ? What do you think it comes from? Mind describes what exactly goes on with you? How do you calm down ? I definitely would like some advice because I get super panicky at night...also my health anxiety drives me nuts. One new anxiety issue after the other . I calm down then something new bothers my anxiety . I don’t stay up all night but i do stay up sometimes because of this . So , any advice would be great.

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Mindfulness really helps. I listen to YouTube anxiety hypnosis and meditation apps on my phone. It takes a while to get used to clearing the mind but it does work, I've even fell asleep during some. Give it a try, it's very relaxing. Headspace is a good one, it teaches good breathing techniques, also that it's ok to think good or bad thoughts and that its ok to feel certain feelings. x


Thank you so much! I’ll get that app too. It seems cool. I already have one meditation app but i do want another.


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