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Brain/head vibrating

Okay so i dont know how to write this without it sounding so strange !! So i woke up early hours this morning with my heart going fast. I layed there and tried calming down. I then got this sensation is my head which i can only describe as intense vibrating ! It lasted about 10 seconds. It was like zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzz. The capitals meaning more intense ! It then stopped and nothing else happened but i dont understand what it was and now i am so scaredd

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Hi Hollie

That must have been horrid, though I do not suffer from anxiety attacks anymore I still do wake up in the middle of the night...before this would have turned into a panic attack but no more. The buzzing in your head could have been due the fat that you were hearing blood rushing through your ears, it could be the side effects of the drugs you're taking (only you can tell whether that is true) or it could have been movement in your sinus which is something I have experienced in the past which added to my anxiety levels.

Whatever it is it is nothing you should be overly concerned about I'm sure. You have to remember you woke from sleep straight into having an attack, you may have been dreaming and you awoke mid-dream, this happens to me all the time, I wake up, my heart is beating, I'm hot and sweaty, I feel dizzy etc...then I remember...I just woke up, I've been asleep a few hours, of course, my head and body are going to be a bit drowsy and do things that seem weird to me...and I suffer from panic attacks! What do I expect!

Honestly, in the end this is what I was telling myself, it is a way of reframing an understanding of the event so that I don't project an illogical perception of the situation which will play out my panic. Again, after a while it taught my brain that it wasn't beneficial to go through this and my mind began to change the way it acted out this now I wake in the middle of the night from a mind says "oh, this is what is happening so now I know to just calm down and relax again because there is actually nothing wrong and no need to panic."

This doesn't help the fact that I am a little bit of a light sleeper and getting back to sleep is sometimes a struggle because once i'm awake I'm awake for a good hour...but rather that than a panic attack to be honest.

Well...the short version're fine and what you describe is not out of the ordinary.

You're still here. You have experienced this stuff many times before so you know that your mind is playing with you, so ask it politely..."mind, I appreciate that you're trying to protect me, but I am letting you know that you can relax now, I'm safe, thank you for looking after me, if I need you I know that you there but right now I have control over my day and don't need your protection right now, I give you permission to relax"...take a deep breath and continue with your day.



I have also had these mine are kinda tingling vibrating feeling makes it feel like my brain is hot, doesn't last long but I think it's from my meds

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hope this eases your mind


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