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What happened???

I just stood up to go get a tissue because I was sneezing and when I get up I’m used to get light headed so I grab something to hold onto but like I completely spaced out and I had a tingle through my whole body. It’s like I went numb??? Has this ever happened to anyone else before???

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This happened to me last week, I was at a store. I felt fine, then all of a sudden I felt weird like light headed and numb, I tried not to freak out, luckily my daughter was with me. She got me a water and went to the car. I don't know why I felt like that, but scary. Now I'm scared to go anywhere alone 😳

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Sometimes after sitting for awhile, when I get up I will not see for a few moments and I just stand still. I had gotten up too quickly and my blood pressure dropped I guess. Doesn't scare me, just know to make certain to eat regularly and not get up that quickly.


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