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Derealization/depersonalisation help?

So I've had this for a while I think and it's really affecting me in my school work and social life. I barely leave my house anymore because nothing feels real. I really just want it to go away but I know it doesn't work like that. I'm more worried about my exams though. They start later this week but I can't concentrate because of this. I constantly feel anxious. My parents keep saying that it will pass, but I don't think it will without help. Right now, I just need something to help reduce it and help me concentrate. Any tips? Thanks.

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I never took any medicaments to relieve my anxiety cause I knew mine was within me. It doesn’t go away cause ur whole body is switched to flight or fight mode and u can’t undo that in one min. What I did was:

1. First understand that nobody dies suddenly from anxiety. Is just a hell of a lot of adrenaline in ur body and a imbalance that WILL get better

2. Stop whining about it and take action by controlling ur thoughts and reconverting them into something positive, like: this is a good time for me to prove I’m strong, is a challenge and not a problem, to improve my lifestyle which is shitty otherwise I wouldn’t have this issue.

3. Check in the internet the breathing method called 4, 7 and 8. It really works and u have to genuinely give it a go but like the 100% of the way, do it minimum for times a day

4. Buy lemon balm liquid, carry a bottle of water and put some in it to drink. Drink water like every 1.5 hours at least and see the magic happen

5. Run or do some cardio for at least 20 Min once every other day

This worked for me and believe me, I was just like u thinking it would never go away and that soon I was gonna perish for eternity and that blabla so much bulshit that wasn’t true, complete product of my thoughts and NOT reality. I hope it works


Don’t worry about the depersonalisation symptoms they will fade. I had this quite badly once and I used to worry about it until I read Paul David’s “At last a life” he was an anxiety sufferer I can strongly recommend the book. He explains how your mind is just tired from all the worrying and just needs a break. Try to accept that this is nothing to worry about and carry on with your life as best you can, it will pass I promise as I recovered once I paid it less attention.


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