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Weird heart thing

I don’t really know what happened but I almost passed out the other day. I was standing and then it felt like my heart started to beat slow but when I took my pulse it was fast. My vision blacked out a bit and I got really dizzy. I don’t know why this happened but I suspect it had to do with my heart. I get frequent pain in my chest and have a heart murmur and my chest had been hurting more than normal before I almost passed out. Any ideas on what this could be? I usually only get symptoms like this when I’m having a panic attack but I didn’t feel panicked.

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I am not a doctor but I don'tthink you should worry about your heart,iT seems to be anxiety but if it makes you feel safer I suggest to see a doctor in order to make sure there are no heart issues (if you never had a heart check in your life) , just to have a medical confIrm that you heart works Good. .personally I suffer from anxiety and many times happens to me to have your sintoms without feeling panicked


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