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Feeling sad for nothing ?

Hi everyone , my anxiety is coming on strong again because I messed up my sleeping schedule, when I don’t get enough sleep my anxiety seems to be more worse and lately for the past week and a half I’ve been only getting 3 hours of sleep my mind won’t shut up & I keep forgetting all about the positive stuff that I would remind my self , now I feel like I forgot how to even bring my self back to feeling better , I feel like the first time I experienced anxiety again when I was 13. I feel sad and don’t wanna feel depressed , I wanna cheer my self up again but don’t seem to know how 😢 I have a toddler and I just wanna be okay again and stop with these thoughts , I can’t seem to think positive anymore or even stop thinking at all

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Go on youtube and type in MARCONI UNION WEIGHTLESS turn this on and just BREATHE do nothing but focus on your breathing in the dark put on the one that is 10 hrs long this way you dont have to worry about not falling asleep before it finishes

Anxiety is caused by lack of sleepclack of nutrients and overly stress

So yes your feeling worse because your not sleeing properly

Try to cut out electronics 45 minutes BEFORE bedtime

No late night snacks no eating passed 9pm

Refrain from anything but breathing while in your bed trying to sleep

If you feel your thoughts coming in stronger just focus back on your breathing

Lay there and just breathe dont roll over just sit there how ever your sleeping if its better on your back so be it

Just close those eyes and just breathe

I guarentee you that song will help your anxiety be at ease and you will be able to sleep

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Also the average person takes maybe 20 minutes tops no movement no interuptions to actually fall asleep


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