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Pregnant with irregular heartbeats and anxiety disorder

Heyy ladies ive been gone for awhile hope everyone is well i know i did miss this website..... I am pregnant with my fifth pregnancy but forth baby if that makes sense and i have more than often irregular heartbeats.... In the beginning around my first 5 weeks i was having them all the time along with dizziness and low blood pressure but now my blood pressure has gotten better and my dizziness has disappeared now i still have the irregular heartbeat but not as often but when i get them i get really hot and have to have a bowel movement and they got better afterwards specially after drinking water but ive been to the cardiologists on multiple occasions and they keep saying my heart is fine ive had xrays so many ekgs blood work done ive had an echo done and i also had an stress test done they told me my stress test results were exceptional and there is no reason to do any further tests! But im still scared something is wrong with my heart and theyre not seeing it yet or something any other pregnant women have this problem or anyone with children have this during ur pregnancies???!

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