Anxious & for what ? :/


I’m getting this panic attack, mouth breathing , analyzing every twinge in my body , burping ..went on google about my upper back and forearm aches , I’m really tense. Idk , I’m venting at this point . I’d ask for advice but idek what advice I’m looking for , maybe at this point kind words will do. I am somewhat calm but still stressing :/


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  • Reading on this site is helping me slow my slide to panic.

  • I think I get what you’re saying , that being on the site helps when you panic ? Yes I agree. I’ve calmed down now. :/ but having a panic attack feels like it goes on forever.

  • I feel the same way. Been having a lot of discomfort all morning and super over tired. I’m home alone for 11 hours everyday but scared to sleep when nobody is here with me so I’m forcing myself to stay awake. I’m sorry for the panic you’re experiencing it’s not nice. Just try to relax and breathe and distract yourself with a funny video or soemthing

  • Thanks for the advice . The heater was so turned up in my house it had me hyperventilating for some weird reason. But I have calmed down since . I’m definitely a bit cranky since panicking and finally getting some relaxation but I’m definitely not fidgety now lol. Watching YouTube helped lol. I hope your panic fizzles away too.

  • Yeah definitely anxiety can cause hot and cold flashes so I’m sure the high temperature got you a bit worked up. If you ever want something funny to watch on YouTube look up Jimmy Kimmel Aunt Chippy, Spill your Guts or Fill your Guts or Ellen In Your Ear hilarious!! They usually help me have a good laugh and take my mind off the suffering. You could also look up videos about people’s experiences with Anxiety or Panic sometimes just hearing someone else talk about their symptoms and experience helps put my mind at ease rather than visiting Dr google LOL you should give it a try. I hope that helps and remember we’re always here for comfort or someone to talk to. I just was falling asleep watching a YouTube video and my chest jolted and woke me up it was pretty terrifying so trying to recover from that now lol

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