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It’s like my anxiety can predict the future !

I’ve been having a bad day today, been feeling really spaced out and like something bad is going to happen. After me and my boyfriend finishing a few months ago we recently started seeing each other again, I last seen him on Friday and everything was going well. Tonight he’s turned around and said he thinks it’s over for good and he just spent time with me as a friend, even though we were back sleeping together. I feel so hurt how someone I’ve been with for 2 years could do something like this to me especially knowing what I’m going through. Just hoping this doesn’t set my anxiety off worse, don’t think I could cope. Just want to sleep but my mind won’t shut off and I can’t stop crying!! 😞😞😞

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Hi Morgjt ~ I'm so sorry that your ex boyfriend has 'played' you the way he has. Mainly the problem is, they don't 'want' us anymore ~ but, they don't want anyone else to have us either! ❤️️💔❣️😢😢.

Unless you're prepared to be a 'friend with benefits' to him, it's time you agreed with him, 'cut the cord' and let him go, Sweetie. What he's done to you is very cruel. Please keep what remains of your dignity intact?

I know it's difficult when you've been with him for 2 years ~ it's a hard thing to work through, but you can and will move through the pain and feelings of abandonment, and hurt. That much, I can promise you ❤️️ (been there, done that, got the t-shirt, etc., etc ~ and come out the other side, smiling! 😊).

When he comes back (they usually try again when getting the bedroom 'benefits' seem to be on offer) ~ it'll be your turn to tell him "NO" for once and for all.

Once you say 'no' the first time, you'll find it very empowering. Don't try to be 'just friends' with him. You don't need a 'friend' with a proven cruel streak.

Please don't let his cruelty make you feel that you've done anything wrong. You haven't. He has. 😡

Your health, your level of Anxiety, is what needs your full attention. Please, please, take very good care of you..? ❤️️

You're perfectly entitled to cry and you want to, and need to. It's natural ~ and it's good for you to let the hurt feelings out ~ hopefully your mind will calm down a lot, and you can escape for a while into sleep.

The best 'revenge' you can ever have on someone who's hurt you ... is to 'live life well and to the very best of your abilities'..! ❤️️😊

Blessed Be, with Love, Barbara xx

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Thank you Barbara, you’re right my health needs my full attention and I can’t let this knock me back! Thank you for your amazing words xx


Stand strong, Sweetie ❤️️ You can and will get through this 😊.

In Health, Blessed Be, Barbara xx

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