Just when I started feeling better

Just when I started feeling better

So I have been reading this book called the worry cure which is amazing. I just started really trusting that nothing bad healthwise is going to happen to me.

One of my main worry concerns is that I always worry about how tired I feel and how exhausted I feel. I always get scared about pushing myself too much even though all I really do is rest because of the anxiety. It just makes me feel so exhausted and I always feel like somethings going to happen to me in a result of so much anxiety. And now I ran into this on Snapchat. I swear that everything that I worry about I always find something weird online that makes me worry about it again. For example One time I kept thinking about suicide not that I wanted to but that I would be lead to. Obviously that’s just a worrying thought but then an article popped up on my FB about a girl from my school who did that. As you guys know with Health worries we have to push ourselves to trying not to go to the hospital or call for help because it’s just things are you playing with us. well. The story now has me worried ☹️🙄🙄🙄.

The worrying thought is what if I get so exhausted from anxiety I could die. Or what if one day I feel so badly that I need help but ignore it because that’s what we’re told with anxiety and it ends up being something bad and wind up dying


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  • Is says she died from meningitis for some reason they are adding in exhaustion which probably made the meningitis worse but she didn't die directly from being tired. I'm sure there is much more to that story, she is probably underweight or might have an eating disorder, she may have not slept for days, she could have had underlying health issues.

    I know what you mean though I hate when I hear stories about things I'm afraid of, I never watch the news for this reason and I have un followed so many people on Facebook because everything they like appears in my feed, every second thing is about some tragedy and I'm just too sensitive to all that especially with this anxiety.

    You will be fine trust me being tired from anxiety won't kill you. Keep up the good thoughts and stick to all the techniques the book talks about 😀

  • Hi is this book by Robert Leahy? I’m thinking of buying it. Does it talk a lot about the health worries that go with anxiety???

  • Nooo you have to go with David carbonell called the worry trick. Also you can gooogle him n go to his website. There is great info there. It’s AMAZING nd my anxiety is reducing because of this book.

  • I’m sorry the book is called the worry trick! Not the worry cure

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