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Hard time sleeping

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Hello guys I went to the doctors 3 times for s chest pain and sharp pain on the right side of my breasts doctors told me it was costo and chest wall pain. They did every exam checked my heart they did EKG and took blood and they said that everything was fine. I feel like nothing is fine I feel like they didn’t help much and I’m still having pain I haven’t been sleeping because I’m worried so much that it’s something serious and the doctors seem to not find something. I’m obsessed with touching my heart and hearing it beat but i keep getting scared and searching up my symptoms what should I do to stop worrying about it ? Should I go back to the doctor and see what they cause I’m realky scared and I don’t know if it’s anxiety I just worry way too much. Help me please !!!!

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The main thing is the tests came back good. Try and remember that when you're worrying. Health anxiety is very common and not easy to stop. It's a vicious circle, the more you keep checking the worse it gets. Perhaps tell the doc the worrying is getting too much, see if they can help you with that. Good luck.

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Thank you so much!! I will make sure I tell the doctors that .

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