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Muscle Relaxer/UTI

Hey guys!Just a question about muscle relaxers/relaxants.I asked my doctor to pescribe me some (he gave me pacofen) because my shoulders/back feel sore from prologed standing at work.I ate my first two pills a few hours ago and..I don’t know how to feel.It made me a little anxious because I think it slows my heart rate down?

Also,my leg kind of spasmed once when I was about to sleep and my heart kind of skipped a beat.Is that normal???? Feeling slightly dizzy too. Tbh,I feel even shittier after eating it??

I’m also down with UTI so idk if it’s a good idea for me to take relaxers?

Also,I’ve been having abdominal cramps since Wednesday.Difficulty passing gas,loss of appetite and all that jazz.Doctor says it’s UTI..does anyone else get abdominal pain with UTI? Thing is I didn’t even know I had UTI because I don’t feel any pain while urinating.

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