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When will this end?? Any help??

I’ve had a lot of head sensations the last week or so with my muscles feeling really tight, pains all over my head, neck pains, scalp where the spine meets my head is sore when I touch it, head pressure, sensitive teeth, tingling feelings, lightheaded, feeling like my spine is hurting in my neck, when I move my head it feels like it’s pulling all the muscles.....I went to the chiropractor the other and I told her how I was feeling but know I can’t remember if I told her everything cause I’m scared she missed something like that my neck could be really out of alignment/ pinched a nerve and it’s stopping blood flow to my brain....have a herniated disc/ or something else wrong with my spine....I have an x Ray last fall which the chiropractor said looked good besides some scoliosis, I’m afraid I’m somehow injured my neck or some since then😩

My poor mom thinks it’s anxiety and doesn’t know how to help me anymore to make me feel better about it ☹️ I won’t take meds... can’t afford anything like Cbt

I’m convinced I’m dying

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Just wondering, why won't u take any meds? Just curious.


Idk....I don’t want to deal with side effects...finding the right one....having a hard time getting off them again, and of course having to pay for them




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