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Shakes and swollen glands . Please help me 😣

Hello I recently had a panic attack I went Dr as it was bad never had one like it before they checked me and stuff and said I got swollen glands and it's making me panic they didn't give me anything for it. I been drink lots of fluids and just carrying on like normal . I started back on my meds last Tuesday after not taking them for a while which has really helped. But just tonight I was trying to sleep and my body just started to shake no reason at all just wondering if anyone had this at all . I'm scared to sleep but I'm so exhausted. Please help

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Anxiety and PTSD can cause shaking of one part or your body or your whole body. Please call your doctor back and ask what he/she recommends to help your swollen glands (that should help your worrying). Did your doctor tell you to stop your medication? Or did you decide to do that on your own? Did you start your medication again under your doctor's orders or just on your own? If you discussed stopping your meds with your doctor maybe that would have helped him/her determine it that was related to your glands swelling. Take a deep breath and perhaps give your doctor a call or his covering doctor asap.


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