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Just felt like writing

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As I sooo patiently wait for my little boy's arrival into this world, I suppress my anxious thoughts and feelings of panick by typing them out here, it not only distracts me but it helps me gather my thoughts to express exactly how I'm feeling. I would also love to hear other people's encouraging words that will help me get through these last days of pregnancy, for this past week has felt like an eternity and although I feel excited during the day, my anxiety settles in at night and makes me sit and wonder of all the things that could go wrong, even though I have no real reason to think such irrational thoughts. I'm both ready and not ready to give birth, and it frustrates me. I guess these feelings are normal, but with only 2 more days until my due date, each day seems to drag on. I'm afraid of being induced, in fear that the baby will be hurt or I'll have to get a c section. I just hope everything will be fine and baby is healthy, I want him outta me!

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I feared c sect...and ended up with not one, but three. You focus so much on your new bundle that's it's tolerable. I had terrible heart issues in three pregnancies and was out of rythm for all deliveries... but I prayed...hard... and just trusted the doctors. You will be in the best possible place if something was to happen. I'm still here and I'm telling you that when that moment comes you will be so much stronger than you ever new possible. ❤️🙏🏻

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