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Has been a rough 3 months. Still don't know what triggered my anxiety and fears so bad again. I was doing so well. Went to my MD/Psychiatrist and let him know. I had been on 15mg of mirtazapine and .5 mg of lorazepam. He adjusted my meds and raised my mirtazapine to 30mg and told me I could also take my .5 mg of lorazepam twice daily. I have yet to take the lorazepam twice. I feel scared. I guess becasue its new to me and I don't know how it will effect me and I don't want to feel worse. i just want to feel normal. I'm here at work and almost in tears trying to think if I should take the second dose this afternoon or not? Anyone out there taking Lorazepam twice a day? I just need a little reassurance from others that are going through this. Soo tired of this feeling :(


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  • I have been on 1mg loranzepan Ativan 3 times a day as needed for the last 8 years. I don't ever take 3 unless it's real bad. I have taken 2 a day for a while. You will be fine and it should just take the edge off.

  • Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it. Be Blessed :)

  • i'm here at work also and every now and then the anxiety and shakiness hits me, been on celexa 20mg over a month and also ativan .5mg twice a day as needed but I never took it that way, I would only take half in the morning of one, and now taking half of that half, maybe if I had taken it right I wouldnt always have the shakes but Im a big wimp when it comes to meds. I have family members that take it up to 4mg a day and are fine, again im a wimp. Feel better soon

  • Thank you, I pray you feel better soon too :). I understand completely, I'm a big wimp too with meds.

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