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Which drug works

Hi I'm Bob and have been suffering from awful anxiety and depression for too long. I spent 6 days earlier this year on a psych ward and it was horrendous.....no pyschiatric help just 150mg of citralapan which made me worse. I am now on 45mg of metazapine at night but am not improving. Has anyone benefited from this drug or have any advice please. Take care all.

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Hi mooner04, Just noticed your posts haven't been responded to. Unfortunately there isn't one drug per se that will break through anxiety and depression as much as our own mind can. After a while, our mind gets set in a pattern of negative thoughts and beliefs and it goes no where . Actually we tend to spiral down instead of moving forward. I find it hard to believe that 6 days in a psych ward never addressed your emotional issues but just used medication. It takes both meds and therapy to start feeling any results in our issues.

Metazapine is a good drug meant for deep depression and anxiety. Possibly you haven't been on it long enough to see the true results. Usually 4-6/8 weeks at least. But the drug no matter how good it is, takes your initiative as well. Your help in using other methods and techniques that will give you answers and relief your stress.

I hope you continue using the forum as a support and bouncing board exchanging thoughts with others going through the same thing as well as on the same medication. Always keep an open mind to what you read. What works for one may not for another. The answer is what works best for you and your doctor is the best judge of that. Take care, sorry about the delay in us answering


Thank you.

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My roommate is on Mirtazipene. It seems to work for him. He said it made him super tired in the morning and increased his appetite. My Dr. Wouldnt Give it to me for that reason. Been trying to lose weight. It’s trial and error. Sorry to say that but sometimes it’s best to talk with your Dr. If you don’t feel it’s working and see if they want to up the dose, change meds, or add another to go with it.

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Thanks. Yeah it doesn't half improve your appetite! Sometimes I wake in the night & scoff 2 bags of crisp! I'm on 45mg which I'm told is the max. The lower the dose the more they act as a sleeping pill. 15mg used to knock me out but 45mg doesn't. I have to be patient & wait for the positive effects.


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