Here we go again

Here we go again

i been doing really well for a long time i would have my off days with anxiety but it was not so bad but last night out of no were anxiety kicked in its like u forget how bad it ones was until it comes that bad again anxiety is the hardest to fight my depression is so much better and i dont really get bad days but its different with my anxiety when it wants to kick in it kicks in and hard :( iam trying to push throw it i just got to tell my self that i been throw a lot worse in 2016 to the beginning of 2017 and tell my self iam a fighter anxiety is the hardest to fight as it makes u weak to try and fight back but some how we got to find that strength that we have to fight it back


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  • glitterangel03, Unfortunately, anxiety is always around the corner waiting for us to let down our guard. You are right in that each time it hits is like the first time. The difference is that we have become familiar with it's feeling, with it cunning way of sneaking up on us. So much so, that we can block it, if we don't allow the adrenaline to take effect. Make it float pass you. For those of us who have had issues with anxiety for a long time, we hold the Ace card in knowing it is not harmful. You are a fighter like no other. Pull up that inner strength that I know you have. Don't allow anxiety to take away anything you have worked so hard for. You have power over anxiety by taking control. Don't fear it. You are safe. You are okay. We stand behind you always. xx

  • thank u so much :)

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