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Irrational fear of dying during/right after childbirth

Hello... I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and my anxiety is so bad. I have seen and read so many articles on mothers dying hours after giving birth. This is my third baby. Im petrified. I cry all day and night im so scared im going to die and leave my two beautiful children who need me, my husband and of course our new child. I cant even enjoymy pregnancy bc of this fear. What do I do? How am I supposed to calmly deliver when im scared I'm going to die....please help

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Hey there, I can't speak from experience but I can only imagine how scary and stressful you must feel. The only thing I can really think of is talk to your husband about what you're feeling and experiencing. Maybe he can help you to relax, he is part of personal support group.

Also trust your doctors, they have delivered and cared after many mothers and trust that you are in good hands. Maybe express the fear with your doctor(s) and they can help you, or you could even seek some help from a professional to help you feel at ease.

Another thing is stay away from those articles, there only going to make you stress. (I know it can be very hard)

Try not to overthink, do some deep breathing and when you find yourself worrying bring your mind back to the present and know your safe. Focus in on yourself and see that you're ok

I wish you the best

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Give mediation a try, and surrounding yourself by things that comfort you. Busy yourself, you could also make a playlist or look on YouTube for calming music

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