Feeling like something is still wrong!!

So I've been to the hospital 4 times in two weeks thinking I was having a heart attack which I'm not thank god!! So they did all the tests for that like ultrasounds and ecg echo and even and ultrasound on my pelvis and the rest of my body X-rays and everything came back normal!! But I still have the tightness in my chest I still feel weak from day to day!! And I still feel like something is wrong like if I go outside I'm going to pass out or if I'm home alone something we'll happen!! Does anyone else feel this way ?? I'm on celexa 10 mg but I'm going up to 20 mg tonight and I'm also on clonzepam!! I go feeling fine but still feel like something is always wrong or I could fall at any moment and die!! Pls help what do some of u do when u feel this way?? I've been to 5 different doctors and they all say the same thing I have major depression and anxiety panic attacks!! I just want to feel happy and healthy again and worry about all these feeling and thoughts but I do cuz they scare me


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  • The only thing that is wrong with you for sure is that you're anxious over your health. Take your pills and try to relax, then your weakness and tight chest will ease which are signs of tension and stress.

  • Thank u

  • I’ve been there and it’s your anxiety symptoms that can be physical making you think something is wrong. If all the docs are telling you that you are healthy then it is your anxiety. The tightness in the chest I get and I try and just lay down and relax, do a meditation relaxation on YouTube and slow breathing using your abdomen. This may take some practice but it will work, the key is to not let yourself become more anxious when you have this feeling because you will feel worse. I would also talk to your doctor maybe you do need to increase your mess for now while you get through this rough time. I also feel dizzy at times and like I have tunnel vision, you just need to keep telling yourself that you are fine, it’s just anxiety and keep moving on. Don’t let it get you. Good luck.

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