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Panic Attack or Disorder ?

Hi all,

I've suspect I caught a panic Attack or disorder which I don't even know how to differentiate which is which, for about a month and a week.

Went to respiratory specialist and doc said that the lung is alright. Went to heart and cardio doc and said that my heart is fine. So I Guess anxiety should be the issue.

At the start I felt tightness in the throat area and can't breath, tingling on the face, stomach and both hands, feeling like I won't survive today, went to Emergency twice. And done ECG, cardiogram, and the blow test for the lung but all is fine.

After reading online I Guess I have panic Attack/disorder. But daily I will feel shortness of breath even panic has subsided and I'm mentally and physically tired of these symptoms which persist daily. I can't take it anymore , any longer I will go crazy and have depression soon because life is no longer worth a living like that.

I felt that the body has became more sensitive to everything after having panic Attack. Mucus irritates my throats and I'll try to cough non stop and hard to make sure it gets out of my throats, if not I'll feel very very uneasy, when on a train or riding or on a public transport I'll always see when will I reach the destination, if it's too Long the breathlessness will starts again. When I'm underground a basement in a mall I think if this place has got enough oxygen ? And why are all these people going fine here when I'm trying for oxygen. When I'm in a high building I'll think it's so high do I have enough oxygen. When traveling Long distance, I'll check weather there is a nearby medical centre on the way just in case. What am I now, I don't wanna live another day like that. It's tiring :(

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Hi Caseyjunio, It does sound like you have all the markings of an Anxiety Disorder. The difference between a Panic Attack and Anxiety are basically that Panic is an intense feeling that comes over us quickly and lasts a short amount of time. With anxiety is more longer lasting as well as being able to become chronic. Anxiety can go into different directions, one of them being Health Anxiety which is what I believe you are experiencing at the moment. It is not a pleasant feeling but also know it is not dangerous. You will not die from it. It can be handled with just some knowledge on your part. The forum is a great place for you to receive comfort and understanding as well.

Welcome to the Anxiety Support Forum, you just took a important step in getting better. Continue joining in and reading other journeys through a life with anxiety. It doesn't have to be a forever issue. You are never alone.


Thank you for the supportive reply. I will look for more information in this forum :)

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