Need advise

Need advise

Hi everyone I'm new here,and I need your help I'm not good in English but I believe you'll understand me,my problems is a bad anxiety since 2006 and depression and I went for help but the anxiety still killing me,I do have in other days peace or being free from it but other days its horrible and I'm an counting some serious physical illnes and it is depriving me to go to work like the whole term,my muscles, constipation, horrible shortness of breathe, pains as if I have kidney pains and others and I've been hospital doing all sorts of test nothing wrong,I'm attending sychitrist and then I'm in Adco-Mirteron for depprecian and adco-Alzam for anxiety they just helping little.I'm a christian and I'm praying and believing that God send me here to get help,thank you in advance.


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  • God bless you my dear. Fight this anxiety, I have had it all my life, I am 70. Things become clearer and more rational as we get older, aches and pains become part of living, it does not mean we have a major illness. The mind is a powerful thing, we overthink everything when we are anxious, anxiety causes a feeling of being short of breath. God is always watching over us.

  • Thanx a lot my dearest.

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