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Nervous about driving Test

Hello my name is Grace I'm new here I read this everynight it does help me as I'm an anixety suffer at the moment my anixety is code red which means its at it's highest level it's all to do with my driving test I get panicky heart papelations you know the usual stuff with anixety trouble is nobody at work or my dad understand anixety so this page is ideal as everyone here suffers like I so I'm not alone reading all this things about anixety does anyone know how to cope with a driving test coming up because I'm going through hell with it it does down once test is over although I do feel exhausted and shattered after it (the Test)

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The EXACT same thing happened with me. I freaked out the first time I took my driving test and all I did was turn a corner before the woman had me pull over and get out of the car. Driving in general gave me huge anxiety. It took me forever to learn and I even had panic attacks about it in front of my boyfriend's mom, everyone. It was so embarrassing and that just made the anxiety worse.

Of course it depends on where you live and how much you need to rely on driving for your independence, but my advice would be to wait until you are really really comfortable behind the wheel. I promise it WILL happen. It took me probably two years and two failed driving tests but I finally got my license and now drive every day with total confidence. You'll definitely be able to pass, and even if you fail your first time, don't beat yourself up over it. I'm sorry that those around you don't understand (that happened to me too. Everyone was like...why is this such a big deal?? It's just driving!), but we're here to support you and I definitely understand what you're going through. Stay strong. You'll be able to do it!


Thanks for the advice this is is my 10 or 11 attempt and nerves and anixety get to me every time can't relax or sleep feel exhausted and that's before my first lesson !! I would love to pass to drive on my own but I doubt that'll happen if I fail I'll have to to it in 2 years time so I'll have to go through this again it's a vicious circle I'm fine for the rest of the year it's just mention the words driving test and it flares up I'm glad somebody understands anixety because my dad and work dont't it's horrible having this condition


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