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Fibromyalgia lots of symptoms has anyone had these?

So I've been diagnosed with this but still not convinced as I haven't had MRI just blood work. Each day I'm getting more tired exhausted and have two little ones under 4 been getting a lot of hip pain which radiates down legs and ankles lower back pain shoulder pain. Feel like my ribs inflamed, pains in head I had horrendous burning up my neck and scalp and in head but that's thankfully gone might of been to do with citroplam I'm on setraline now. I've had weird pains in end of fingers knuckles and itching pains in elbows and ears. Burning eyes dry and dry eyes leg calf aches and the list goes on just can't not think I am terminally ill with a serious desiase does anyone else feel this way?

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H Ashleyw1987, I'm glad I saw your newest message. I finally figured out that I am in

My FibroTeam.com I had joined it before finding HU Anxiety. Nice group of people but

nothing is like this site for anxiety.

I just came back from grocery shopping and the pain throughout my body inlcluding my hands, fingers, legs and feet are horrendous. If I still suffered from anxiety, it would be very easy to start believing this is a serious issue. Fibro can be difficult to accept but the more you know about it, the more you will be able to control the pain in different ways.

You can PM me anytime things get too unbearable or you have specific questions on Fibro. As I've mentioned before there are many on this forum who also have Fibro. It is a known fact that many start off with anxiety and then develop Fibromyalgia. xx


You just described me about 6 months ago. After I realized it was anxiety I started working to calm everything down. I am much better now. Not out of the woods completely but outside of some twitching I'm much better


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