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Feeling unfocused, blurred vision and unable to concentrate on people around me

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Hey, I am new to this site, but recently I've been feeling so anxious, but not typically anxious, my head trembles when eye contacting or when someone looks at me that is "important" to me and I get blurred vision, confusion and I am unable to concentrate on the background. For example, today I was at a grocery store with my dad and I could only focus on what he was saying not on what people around me were doing, I was unable to focus on many things at once. Hard to explain.. Can anyone help

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Hi, Natalia! I just want you to know that this is another horrible trick that anxiety plays on you - its called disassociation. It's the brains way of dealing with stress - nothing more. Don't be afraid - you're not going crazy!

I'd like to suggest a great book that many here find a great help - its called 'Self Help For Your Nerves' and it's by Claire Weekes. If you can get hold of a copy, you'll find information on just these type of symptoms, and great ways to cope and recover. To start, you can search 'Claire Weekes' on YouTube and there are some good videos that followers of her methods have made.

I'd also like to recommend the podcasts over at Anxiety Guru. The guy who runs the website was a long term anxiety sufferer who is now a registered psychotherapist! The podcasts are friendly, really informative and most of all - free!

I hope this helps a bit, and gives you some comfort. And of course, we're always here for you at this forum (watch out for Jeff's posts - he's an anxiety 'veteran' and gives great advice)!


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