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Fighting my anxiety

So lately I have been feeling like I should go out and attack my anxiety head on but when the moments come I retreat and become scared to feel the symptoms I feel but i have been driving out of my comfort zone when im sick and extremely tired and this is when my anxiety is usually at its highest and I have been doing excellent Im so proud of myself and I wanna thank you all for giving your testimonials and your ways of coping Im 4 or 5 years in on my anxiety now and it became agoraphobia but lately I have been happy and living even though its a daily struggle to go on adventures I just am in a happy mood 😊 But know that there is peace for all of us just TIME is needed find everything you can on anxiety and just put yourself in a safe zone and try to trigger anxiety and let it flow.. i realized after long time if you FIGHT the waves they only get bigger so when the anxiety starts out as a small wave let it pass its like a hought you dont like you let it go in one ear out the other do this for anxiety and youll see its nothing dangerous like it plays out to be best of luck i love giving advice on here it makes me happy and feel like im doing something for someone else and it can go a long way to help others and i do it as a volunteer job I drive an ambulance although i had one really good anxiety attack when on a call so i have been very distant because of it since I am driving a vehicle with someones life that sepends on me to get them to a hospital and the help they TRULY need namaste

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