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My anxiety is becoming an issue

I am a 17-year-old male in good health, I constantly worry about health problems that may occur to me. Whether it's a negative reaction to a vaccine I once had or going blind for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I've always been a worrier because I think a lot. I tend to overthink which leads me to believe that something that happens to a boy in one part of the world could happen to me. Sometimes I feel depersonalized or out of it in a social situation, I also get nervous talking to people that I don't know or feel comfortable around now. something I used to be really good at when I was younger now seems harder to do. I freak my parents out with all of my worries and I hate seeing them negatively affected by my constant worry that something is wrong or is going to be wrong with me. Its honestly tiring, I want to stop the insanity and live an anxiety free life! A few things I should add is I used to be a frequent pot smoker (pretty much every day) for about 9 months till I hit a point in life where my anxiety made itself more present, since then I've dabbled with weed over vacation and it does make me feel really weird, sometimes depersonalized after but usually just goofy and out of it, its hard to explain but its safe to safe it doesn't affect me like it used to when I was using daily. The reason ive gone back to it on occasion now with my anxiety is because ive always seen it as kind of a comfort, and my brain still sees that. Its like a girl that you've had a lot of good times with and you want to relive the experience again but you can't because everytime you go back to see her, it hurts your heart. I guess im just here looking for some tips on letting go of the worry, I really just want to stop worrying and focus on the good in my life. but whenever things are going good I think something bad will happen. All tips are appreciated, please let me know what you think.

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I've dealt with this for years and still do, I know how you feel and all I can say is trying to refocus on good things that make you happy, keeping busy, and excersize, weather it be in a gym, or walking in a park, sitting and thinking are not good. If you feel that it would help , talk to a doctor and tell them all your fears , get a physical, and try and let go. Please stay off the weed , it will only intensify things.

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