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Weird one??

So obviously as yous know I'm experiencing doom feelings 24/7 of the day that I'm going to die it's so intense like makes my tummy all hot and I just sit there not wanting to move or talk incase I drop dead 😔 It's the worst feeling in the world I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!!! Anyways so I do smoke cigarettes but since these horrible feelings have started I'm scared to smoke ??? Like I will smoke like half of the cigarette then put it out and that's not like me at all as I do tend to smoke a lot normally. Not sure what this is

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Im feeling exactly the same. I have been experiencing really strong physical symptoms constantly and Im usually quite a heavy smoker but thinking about smoking makes me feel panicy its really weird. Just wish I could feel better but it helps to know Im not alone I suppose x

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Thanks so much for your reply means a lot x


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