Alcohol and anxiety

Literally been miserable for 2 days over this upcoming appointment tried my lavender oil deep breathing everything and can't shake it I hate to say it but I think I'm going to break down and buy a bottle of wine! I need to relax I'm so tense my muscles hurt like a charlie horse... hate using alcohol for a relief... does anybody have this issue?


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  • hi no harm in having a glass of wine to relax you.but too much then tomorrow you might feel more anxiety than you do just now.

  • Yea that's usually how it is , seems to be the fastest way to calm down anymore scary when you have a family full of alcoholics but hoping after my appointment is over I won't have to use the alcohol anymore

  • Like Kenster1 says occasionally is ok but if you find you are desperate for more drink than usual and need it to feel comforted perhaps speak to your doctor

  • I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday that's why my anxiety is crazy I am not on any medication right now so hoping he will be able to get me on something..

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